Our Technology

Juno Biomedical, Inc. is currently developing CELLTech™, a wearable, patient-centric device that will give patients with neurological damage an in-home treatment option.

Currently being developed for survivors of severe ischemic stroke, CELLTech™ is unique in that it harnesses one of the bodies most fundamental, reparative processes to help heal damaged tissue.

About CELLTech™

CELLTech™ is a neuromodulation system that will use applied micro-currents to selectively guide stem cells to damaged tissue. Non-clinical trials and world-renowned research has demonstrated this technology’s effectiveness in regenerating mammalian brain tissue.

CELLTech™ is a wearable device that aims to enhance recovery by using small probes to apply bioelectric micro-currents to the site of neurological damage. This could facilitate brain cell repair by harnessing the body’s normative healing process and regenerating new neural connections between functional cells.


CELLTech™ will provide real-time patient monitoring, allowing the patient, family members, and the patient’s physician to monitor the patient’s health and response to the treatment.