The Need

Every 40 seconds in the United States, someone has a stroke. This means that in one hour, 100 new people across the United States will have a stroke.

Of these 100 people, only 2 will make it to the hospital in time, and will qualify for, receive and improve from the current “Gold Standard” stroke treatment: tissue plasminogen activator, or tPA. Around fifteen of these 100 will die; Roughly 36 will improve on their own, or will be left with minimal long-term disability. Incredibly, roughly 50 will be left with permanent disability so profound that they will spend the rest of their lives trapped in their own bodies. Their only hope for even a 5% improvement in quality of life is years of expensive physical therapy or speech therapy.

According to the World Health Organization, neurological conditions affect up to a billion people worldwide and cause over 6.8 million deaths annually. These conditions are clearly a major cause of death, disability, and suffering. Current medical therapies can only help a fraction of these patients. Many men, women and children with neurological and neurodegenerative disorders find themselves without options.