Cell Electrotaxis

Over the years, scientists have studied the way cells within organisms communicate. Electric signals play a crucial role in the development, growth and healing processes.

Additional Readings and Literature

Juno Biomedical, Inc. is built on years of research. The following is a list of papers that support the use of electrotaxis as a potential means of returning significant motor function to people who have experienced an ischemic stroke. Of most significance is the recent paper published by Feng and team earlier this year:

Feng J, Lui J, Zhang L, Jiang J, Russell M, Lyeth B, Nolta J, Zhao M. 2017. Electrical Guidance of Human Stem Cels in the Rat Brain. Stem Cell Reports. 9: 1-13

Stroke Model (mammalian studies):

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Traumatic Brain Injury Model (mammalian studies):

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Spinal Cord Injury Model (mammalian studies):

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Wound Healing Model (mammalian studies/tissue slices)

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Investigative (mammalian studies):

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Neural Stem and Progenitor Cells (cell culture studies):

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